If you wish to invite me as a traditionnal musician,

solo or with a group, to host or participate in a concert,

a festival, an evening of traditionnal dancing, etc...

If your accordion (or even your harmonium) needs a tuning,

a repair, or a transformation by a trustworthy specialist...

My repair workshop is in Sherbrooke, but I have

a pick-up point in Montreal to make it easy

for many of my clients and another one in Stanstead,

near the Vermont border for my clients in the United States.

Or again, if you are looking for a teacher

in order to learn the accordion,

or to host an introductory or an improvement workshop...

For more information, whether you are in Canada,

in Europe, in United States or elsewhere,

contact me, by email or telephone,

I'll be glad to answer!


Contact me for the details, package deals and methods of payment.

Accordion lessons via Skype from anywhere in the world.


(Sherbrooke, QC  Canada)


You're looking for a violonist and teacher ?  I personally refer you to her !

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